About MIS

About MIS

Safety on the roads of Barbados must not be taken for granted. Therefore, it is extremely important that all of us who understand how important this matter is join in one voice to bring order to our roads. About MIS

MakeItSafe (MIS) is acknowledged as a leading forum for developing and promoting solutions to road safety problems, in the Caribbean. About MIS

MakeItSafe (MIS) is a non-profit, non-governmental association that aims to educate the general public on all matters pertaining to road safety and to do all possible to assist with campaigns, publications, laws and driver/pedestrian/cyclist attitudes to promote road safety for safer roads to save lives. About MIS

They are presently governed by an Executive Committee made up of a President, a Secretary, a PR Officer, a Treasurer and an Assistant Treasurer/Secretary.

The executive committee comprises a young team that are hard-working individuals who volunteer their personal time and services and in many cases put road safety before themselves to get the job done.

The general public is invited to join the association with the aim of strengthening the team for safer roads in Barbados.

Click here to find our Constitution, Code of Conduct and a registration form that you can download at any time.

About MIS


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