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Welcome to the Road Safety Knowledge Centre!

The Road Safety Knowledge Centre is a comprehensive resource hub dedicated to promoting road safety and providing valuable information, research, and tools to improve road safety practices. Our aim is to raise awareness, educate, and empower individuals, organizations, and communities to make informed decisions and take actions that contribute to safer roads for everyone.

What You’ll Find in the Road Safety Knowledge Centre:

  1. Road Safety Education: Access educational materials, guides, and curricula for different age groups to promote road safety awareness. Learn about pedestrian safety, bicycle safety, safe driving practices, and the importance of following traffic rules and regulations.

  2. Research and Statistics: Explore research studies, reports, and statistical data related to road safety. Stay informed about current trends, risk factors, and emerging issues in the field of road safety. This information can be used to develop evidence-based strategies and interventions.

  3. Best Practices and Guidelines: Discover best practices and guidelines for various road safety topics. From designing safer road infrastructure to implementing effective enforcement measures, these resources provide insights into proven approaches that help reduce accidents and injuries.

  4. Road Safety Campaigns and Initiatives: Learn about ongoing road safety campaigns, initiatives, and programs both at the national and international levels. Find inspiration and ideas for launching your own road safety initiatives in your community or workplace.

  5. Technology and Innovation: Stay up-to-date with advancements in road safety technology and innovations. Explore how emerging technologies, such as autonomous vehicles, intelligent transportation systems, and driver assistance systems, are contributing to safer roads.

  6. Legislation and Policy: Familiarize yourself with road safety legislation, regulations, and policies. Learn about traffic laws, seatbelt and helmet requirements, speed limits, and other regulations that aim to ensure safety on the roads. Stay informed about changes in legislation and policy that impact road safety.

  7. Road Safety Tools and Resources: Access a variety of tools and resources designed to enhance road safety practices. These may include road safety checklists, interactive training modules, road safety audits, and guidelines for road safety assessments.

  8. International Road Safety Organizations: Discover international road safety organizations and networks dedicated to promoting road safety worldwide. Access their resources, publications, and initiatives aimed at reducing road traffic injuries and fatalities.

The Road Safety Knowledge Centre is a valuable source of information for individuals, policymakers, road safety professionals, educators, and anyone passionate about creating safer roads. By leveraging knowledge and sharing best practices, we can work together towards achieving our goal of reducing road accidents and saving lives.

Remember, road safety is everyone’s responsibility. Let’s learn, collaborate, and take action to make our roads safer for all users.

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