Remembrance and Tributes

Plant a flower in memory of your loved one

MakeItSafe’s memorial garden is dedicated to the memory of people who have died in road crashes, in Barbados. Share stories of your loved one or create your own tribute.

MakeItSafe - Create a Tribute
It only takes a few minutes to create a Tribute. Please tell us...
Your email address
(if they have one you'd prefer to use)
What is the difference? A Public Tribute is available to anyone to see and visit. Private Tributes are only accessible by friends & family that you explicitly invite in the Invitations Manager. You can change your choice at any time.
Please send Photos, Music or Videos to: Email, or WhatApp: 244-9911.
Add your story about the tributee.
You can choose to mention the circumstances surrounding their death.
If you would like to receive information about our events and other fundraising activities please sign up at our preference centre or tick the box above. You can read about how we protect your personal data in our Privacy Policy.


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