Advanced Driving Courses

Advanced Driving Courses

An advanced driving course is an excellent way to improve your assertion and driving skills. Taking one could also reduce your car insurance costs.


What is an advanced driving course?

An advanced driving course is designed to polish your road awareness and skills, with the aim of making you a more competent and safer driver.

If the thought of driving on the ABC highways makes you nervous, or you just want to polish up on your all-round skills, you can benefit from expert training to boost your capability and self-confidence behind the wheel.


Who can take an advanced driving course?

Our Courses are available to anyone with a permit or a full licence, from young drivers to the elderly, who wish to refresh their knowledge. Some courses are aimed at specific age groups, and those that concentrate on areas of driving, so it’s worth looking around to find a course that suits your needs.


What advanced driving courses are available?

Here are of some of the advanced driving courses available in Barbados.


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